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Join Chester's fearless on a tour like no other!


Immerse yourself in Roman Britain on your visit to Chester.
Schools choose our outreach programme for a variety of reasons but one thing that they all have in common is that they all want to make learning as fun and as memorable as possible.

Upon invitation our Outreach Team will visit your school under the guise of a Legionary Soldier and a Roman Ladyís Maid who are travelling via your school to a banquet on Hadrianís Wall. Although they can be flexible in their programme with advance notice, the basic package runs as follows:-

Roman Lady's maid

This classroom based activity introduces the pupils, in teams of 6, to the social aspects of life in Roman Britain.

  • Handle genuine artefacts.
  • Make Roman jewellery
  • Learn how to dress as a Roman
  • Play Roman games

Duration:- 1 hour 15mins

Legionary Soldier

This activity works better in a large space such as outside or the School Hall.

  • Discover grim punishments
  • Learn battle formations
  • Follow Latin commands
  • Dress battle wounds

Duration:- 1 hour 15mins

For costs, making a booking or any other enquiries, please contact one of our Education Officers on 01244 343407.